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  • Collection: American University Historical Photographs

University Faculty and Students protested in the late 1960s against AU Administration, this Eagle article illustrates some of their demands including the development of black studies, women's studies, and working class studies programs.

The University and Revolution is an edited volume from a series of lectured offered at American University in 1968 alongside the "University and Revolution" course.

American University expanded its interdisciplinary courses when it began offering an interdisciplinary major in 1970-71 school year.

Professors Lloyd and Lawson used AU's Center for Technology and Administrative Studies to verify legal data analysis.

President Eisenhower broke ground for the School of International Studies at the 43rd AU Commencement Ceremony in 1957.

The Lucy Webb Hayes School of Nursing at American University was established in 1965, pictured here is a student studying on campus.

The American University School of Business Administration was announced to Alumni via the Lodestar publication in November of 1955.

The American Language Center prepared this brochure to advertise their resources to foreign student and embassy personnel in the 1950s.

The first Archives summer institute was held in 1945 in partnership with the National Archives and the Maryland State Archives (then called the Maryland Hall of Records).

Civil Servants from Brazil were the first group of the Graduate School's Hall of Nations Program. Here they are pictured outside the Brazil Embassy circa 1940.