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  • Collection: American University: The Formative Years

In this letter, Peate acknowledges his receipt of Beiler's most recent payment and sends him the latest billing information. He informs Beiler that in the winter weather he has had to suspend his work on the glass mirrors due to their negative…

In this letter, Peate encloses the latest billing information and gives Beiler a very detailed progress report on the status of the telescope glass, including several diagrams illustrating his work. He closes with another invitation to visit him in…

In this letter, Peate acknowledges Beiler's payment of previous bills and includes new bills for himself and his associates. He goes on to invite Beiler to visit him in Greenville during the winter and witness the progress on the telescope.

In this note, Peate reminds Beiler that he is still waiting for payment on his last bill and encloses some further billing information for various services.

In this letter, Peate provides Beiler another billing notice for himself and others working on the telescope project.

In this letter, Peate provides Beiler his latest billing information and payment dues, along with an updated progress report on the telescope's glass mirrors.

In this letter, Peate responds to Beiler's request for a progress report on the telescope glass with a discussion of the works of other experts in the field, and the gives opinions of those he has consulted on his work for this project. He includes…

In this letter, Peate includes billing information for Beiler to pay and provides an update on the status of the telescope's disc and a progress report on the functionality of the engine.

In this letter, Peate informs Beiler of the arrival of the telescope engine to his workshop. He encloses billing information and details from his preliminary examination of the engine.

This invoice from the Standard Plate Glass Company gives Beiler an overview of the deal the company made with Peate and encloses a bill for the telescope disc they manufactured and delivered to him.