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Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image is available from the American University Washington College of Law – Pence Law Library – Archives.

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Facts about Ellen Spencer Mussey, undated
List of various information about Mussey including the classes she taught at WCL, some articles she published, and organizations she was a part of.

Ellen S. Mussey biography, undated
Very brief biography of Mussey.

"Account of Gillett's 70th Birthday Dinner," circa 1922
Brief account of Gillett’s life and the tributes given to her at her 70th birthday dinner.

"Women and the Law Endowment," circa 1923
Flyer seeking to raise money for an endowment campaign. Needed to fund a salary for the next Dean.

Emma Gillett biography, 1922
Brief biography of Gillett based upon an interview that the author conducted with her in 1922. Most substantial source of biographical info we have on Gillett.

Ellen Spencer Mussey speech before Congress, 1910
Pro-suffrage speech given by Mussey before Congress in 1910.

"In Honor of Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey," circa 1930
Flyer calling for donations to help get Mussey’s name included on a memorial that the National League of Women Voters was putting together. Reprinted in the Women’s City Bulletin.

"Prejudice Against Women Seen as Handicap in Practicing Law," Washington Post, 12 February 1923
Clipping from the February 12, 1923 issue of the Washington Post. Summarizes an editorial Mussey wrote in the Bar Association Journal on historical discrimination within the legal profession.

"Meaning of Separate Citizenship for Women Explained by Lawyer," Washington Post, 17 February 1923
Clipping from the February 17, 1923 issue of the Washington Post. Summarizes a recent interview with Mussey regarding the Cable Act. Law did away with naturalization at the altar and loss of American citizenship when women married foreign men.

"Lauds Flappers at Dinner in Honor of Miss Gillett," unknown publication, circa 1922
One of a handful of articles about Emma Gillette's 70th birthday dinner, notes how Gillett was seen by other prominent suffragists.
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