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  • Collection: American University: The Formative Years

In this letter, Rev. John Gutteridge writes to a Mr. Albert Smily in the hopes of getting an interview with him while in New York on behalf of American University. Gutteridge describes how he heard about his correspondents generosity from a Mr.…

A bill from Byron S. Adams, printer, to American University. Expenses listed from January 1 to September 29, 1900. Partially paid on November 20, 1900.

Letter from the Manager of the American Citizen Company discussing a fund established by a benefactor to build a Lincoln Memorial building and proposing using those funds to establish a lectureship or building at American University.

Agreement between American University and Mr. H. B. Burroughs for the contracting job of American University including details of payment amounts and building schedule.

The document includes hand-written notes from eight clergymen in Washington, endorsing the university April 17 1890

List of individuals and their investment in the land (the "Davies tract") on which AU sits. Promise to pay to Matthew Emory, president of Second National Bank, Washington DC

Endorsement of Washington Clergymen

Description of the lawsuit against the university regarding a road through campus

Notes are from the first public meeting for planning a National Methodist University including speakers and what was discussed at the meeting including fundraising and the goals for this university.

Document describing how the residents of Ohio can donate money for the construction of American University.
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