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  • Collection: American University: The Formative Years

The document includes hand-written notes from eight clergymen in Washington, endorsing the university April 17 1890

In the appeal for $100,000 for purchase of site, John F. Hurst explains that the nation is "in the throes of a new educational era." He urges bequests to "better meet this latest need of American educational life."

Appeal to the businessmen of Washington to pledge funds in subscriptions, with a list of subscribers and the amounts they pledged

In an undated "Dear Friend" letter, the Secretary of State of Maryland seeks to raise $100,000 for the College of Law building and another $100,000 for the endowment. He calls the building of a law school "a necessity."

In an undated appeal to the members and friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church nationwide, John F. Hurst answers the question, "Why in Washington." He argues that since George Washington forward, statesmen and educators have advocated for a…

Typed letter from B. F. Leighton to Rev. C. W. Baldwin 1894 January 6, concerning whether to resurvey the university site. A hand-written notation says, "Meeting had and judgment adverse to a resurvey."

Letter from Charles Baldwin to B. F. Leighton 1894 January 4, reported that at a meeting of American University's executive committee 1893 December 30 a proposal to re-survey the land was referred to A. B. Duvall, B. F. Leighton and Charles W.…

Postcard, undated, features an illustration of the Addison-Murdock House. The house was part of a farm purchased in 1890 for the American University.

Letter from D. J. Howell to Rev. Samuel L. Beiler, 1894 October 17, requesting that he not do anything "in regard to the appointment of an engineer" until they meet.

Letter from D. J. Howell to Rev. Samuel L. Beiler 1894 September 22 concerning the engineering work he did in surveying the outside boundaries of American University.
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