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Reproduced newspaper headline of Ellen Spencer Mussey and the Washington College of Law.

Article from The Courier, volume XVIII, number 3, December 1911

Flyer calling for donations to help get Mussey’s name included on a memorial that the National League of Women Voters was putting together. Reprinted in the Women’s City Bulletin.

One of a handful of articles about Emma Gillette's 70th birthday dinner, notes how Gillett was seen by other prominent suffragists.

Article from The Courier, volume XVII, number 4, March 1911

Image from The Courier, volume XVI, number 3, December 1909

Clipping from the February 17, 1923 issue of the Washington Post. Summarizes a recent interview with Mussey regarding the Cable Act. Law did away with naturalization at the altar and loss of American citizenship when women married foreign men.

Article from The Courier, volume XXIV, number 3, April 1918
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